Paul Tipping Tattoo

Paul is the second artist at the studio.  Please check out his website for more info

Liz’s 2nd session

Full sleeve based on artwork by Japanese artist Junko Mizuno

Matt’s (Keeper of the Rifle, Seethe) sleeve based on JOHN BAIZLEY (Baroness) artwork he did for the group Kvelertak

Natalie’s Floral 3/4 sleeve

Dan’s Dragon Dog and Warrior sleeve

Sav’s Samurai and Snake sleeve

Jason’s Geisha.

Welcome :)

Hello. Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting.

I will try and keep this as updated as possible. Please also check the contact and reference pages for up to date info.

This will predominately be filled with pictures of work in progress tattoos and other arty projects I have on the go, although things will be fairly quiet on that front until the summer, as I have an A-level eating up most of my time away from the tattoo work at the mo.