Buddha sleeve


Phoenix side piece ready to go


Buddha Sleeve


Phoenix and Tibetan skull sleeve ready to go.

IMG_5528 copy

Happy New Year :)

Thanks for coming here and viewing my work.

Its kinda working out this site gets updated about 6months. The ideal would be that this gets updated the same time as i upload on other media sites, but thats not the case for one reason or another :/

Im continuing to work hard creating and executing the best possible work i can do.

If any major changes happen i will update here, otherwise its business as usual.

I do try and reply to every enquiry.

It still stands that I’m not talking on any new projects until the autumn. I will of course update here when that happens.

In the meantime please find me on instagram (i update here most regular) under hayleyhayestattoos or Facebook under hayley hayes official. I realise neither of these are ideal for some people or attainable in some cases, so i will try my best to update here as often as i can.

Thanks again for your interest.


Samurai and Phoenix


Chris Dragon

Chris dragon1

Dragon Sleeve

Chris dragon1

Mexicana Sleeve

Chris bain

Snake and Skull sleeve

tom haggerty jpg

Samurai Sleeve