Life Update.

Im currently preparing to have a baby, (in between working of course) I’m 4 months down and counting! ‘It’ is due in November. I will be taking 6 months off. The plan is to then come back to work for 2 days a week. This leaves me pretty tied up with current and a handful of new customers for the foreseeable. Maybe ill be able to take on new projects late 2017’ish’, its really hard to say the moment. Priorities being taking care of the little one.

Im also hoping that with potentially more free time on my hands it will free me up and ignite my artwork again. Im keen to explore nature and spiritually more within my work, tying in with the Tibetan/Buddhist thankga style which i have been admiring and connecting too for a while now.

Thanks as always for visiting and your interest in my work. I look forward to new exciting projects in the future.

Warmest wishes

Hayley x

Lilies and pocket watch


Skull, nature, fire and water sleeve


Octupus and Lotus

harry octopus