Back in the Saddle

Wow,…a year since I’ve updated properly on here. Time flies.

Its been a busy time doing life stuff. Im now a mum to a little boy, and along with other things we are just about to move house, as well as getting back into the groove at the studio. Im currently working 2 days a week for the foreseeable, leaving me pretty tied up with existing clients and a, couple of handfuls of new ones that have been waiting for some time, so I’m unable to take on new work as yet.

The new projects i will be leaning too are Thankga style primarily, along with hindu/tibetan art. Its a pretty wide range of stuff, so please feel free to send across any ideas for me to have a look through.  Customers wanting these pieces i will take your details and get you on the ‘to do’ list.  I will be referring any Japanese work to James Bull, who works along side me at OHD.

On a personal note Im looking at teaching mindfulness in schools.  As much as i still love tattooing the urge to pursue this as a career is a strong one.  I’m deeply passionate about spreading the word about this important life tool. Ill still be tattooing, but it will be along teacher training.

Think this covers everything…

H x