Diary Opening again October 2018

Hi there,

Thanks as always for visiting. I hope you’ve been enjoying the regular updates on this blog down the right hand side. Its linked to my Instagram and Facebook, which gets updated with work every couple of weeks. Ive also just updated the Gallery on this site.

So, Im expecting baby no.2, which means ill be taking 6 months ‘ish’ off – returning Sept/Oct 2018. Please get in touch next summer for new projects to be started Autumn/Winter.

I always reply to emails (hayleyhayes@gmail.com) although it can take me up to 1/2 weeks.

Thanks again for your interest.

Hayley x



Back in the Saddle

Wow,…a year since I’ve updated properly on here. Time flies.

Its been a busy time doing life stuff. Im now a mum to a little boy, and along with other things we are just about to move house, as well as getting back into the groove at the studio. Im currently working 2 days a week for the foreseeable, leaving me pretty tied up with existing clients and a, couple of handfuls of new ones that have been waiting for some time, so I’m unable to take on new work as yet.

The new projects i will be leaning too are Thankga style primarily, along with hindu/tibetan art. Its a pretty wide range of stuff, so please feel free to send across any ideas for me to have a look through.  Customers wanting these pieces i will take your details and get you on the ‘to do’ list.  I will be referring any Japanese work to James Bull, who works along side me at OHD.

On a personal note Im looking at teaching mindfulness in schools.  As much as i still love tattooing the urge to pursue this as a career is a strong one.  I’m deeply passionate about spreading the word about this important life tool. Ill still be tattooing, but it will be along teacher training.

Think this covers everything…

H x

Thankga inspired drawing


Recent Thankga style piece completed.


Life Update.

Im currently preparing to have a baby, (in between working of course) I’m 4 months down and counting! ‘It’ is due in November. I will be taking 6 months off. The plan is to then come back to work for 2 days a week. This leaves me pretty tied up with current and a handful of new customers for the foreseeable. Maybe ill be able to take on new projects late 2017’ish’, its really hard to say the moment. Priorities being taking care of the little one.

Im also hoping that with potentially more free time on my hands it will free me up and ignite my artwork again. Im keen to explore nature and spiritually more within my work, tying in with the Tibetan/Buddhist thankga style which i have been admiring and connecting too for a while now.

Thanks as always for visiting and your interest in my work. I look forward to new exciting projects in the future.

Warmest wishes

Hayley x

Lilies and pocket watch


Thankga inspired Piece

Heres a Thankga stlye sleeve I’ve just finished. I would love to do more of this style. Its a subject i feel really connected too.HARRY PS

Added a few new sleeves to the Gallery. Heres a couple of drawings and wip’s

IMG_5667IMG_5656IMG_5650IMG_5610IMG_5601IMG_4500IMG_4318Mark psmiwa



Phoenix side piece ready to go


Buddha Sleeve


Phoenix and Tibetan skull sleeve ready to go.

IMG_5528 copy

Happy New Year :)

Thanks for coming here and viewing my work.

Its kinda working out this site gets updated about 6months. The ideal would be that this gets updated the same time as i upload on other media sites, but thats not the case for one reason or another :/

Im continuing to work hard creating and executing the best possible work i can do.

If any major changes happen i will update here, otherwise its business as usual.

I do try and reply to every enquiry.

It still stands that I’m not talking on any new projects until the autumn. I will of course update here when that happens.

In the meantime please find me on instagram (i update here most regular) under hayleyhayestattoos or Facebook under hayley hayes official. I realise neither of these are ideal for some people or attainable in some cases, so i will try my best to update here as often as i can.

Thanks again for your interest.


James Bull has joined the O’ Happy Dagger Team

The awesome James Bull has joined us. He specialises in Japanese. Please check out his work at http://instagram.com/jamesbulltattoo and contact him at jamesbulltattoos@outlook.com

Snake, Skulls and Lotus



Im struggling to upload this recent competed sleeves to the Gallery. Will keep on the case, hopefully it will be sorted soon.




Finished Geisha Sleeve


Recent Completed Sleeves.


Dan Shaw


Luco at O’ Happy Dagger, check out more of his work and contact him at www.lucotattoo.com


Not taking on new work until Autumn 2015

I will be taking on work again towards the end of next year. Im going to take on one new piece at a time rather then a block of new clients. Will update again nearer the time. Thank you for visiting and the interest in my work.




WIP Paul Romano sleeve